6 cups design Silicone Ice Pop Moulds (KHAI025)
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6 cups design Silicone Ice Pop Moulds (KHAI025)

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6 cups design Silicone Ice Pop Moulds (KHAI025)
Hcsilicone.com Product Description
Set of six reusable, silicone ice pop moulds withsticks for easy freezing. The squeezable silicone makes it easier to push up the lolly whist eating. Mixed colour pack containing red, green and white.
Perfect to easily create home made ice-creams and natural ice lollipops with fruit, milk, yoghurt or any other ingredients. Example recipes in the box (printed on cardboard divider).
Fun for the youngest and practical for adults. Made with 100% safe liquid silicone. The new mould allows to create infinite different combinations of colour and taste since it can be used over and over again.
Instructions for use:
1. Fill the mould
2.  Put it in the freezer
Specification   Description:
    * 100% food-grade silicone material
   * Such ice tray is Environmental, harmless,odourless, soft, withstand oil contamination, uneasy to be fading, easy for
 cleaning, durable lifetime
    * The silicone tray is non-stick finish
    * This ice form is with shape of cups
    * Working temperature range: -40°C~230°C
    * FDA approved: 21 CFR 177.2600
Usage:  Used to make ice, chocolate or cookie in cool lolly
Warm tips:
    * Wash it with clean water and disinfect it with boiling water before using, wash it and 
       put it in a clean and dry place after using. Keep it away from direct sunlight.
 Lifetime:10 years